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Caller ID

CALLER ID identifies most callers by displaying their name and phone number on special display equipment (sold separately).  Most displays give the date and time each call was received. 


CALLER ID lists the names and numbers of callers and can even enhance your VOICE MAIL service by storing most names and numbers even if the caller didn’t leave a message.


Whether or not you subscribe to CALLER ID, you phone number will appear to the person you are calling if they subscribe to CALLER ID.  Non-published and/or unlisted name and number information will appear on CALLER ID units.  To prevent your number from being displayed, follow steps 1 and 2 before each call:

  1. Enter *67 (dial 1167 on rotary phone).
  2. Enter the phone number.  The person receiving your blocked call will see the wording “Private Name, Private Number” on their CALLER ID display.

NOTE:  CALLER ID is not available in all areas and on all calls.  Calls made from some wireless phones and areas not equipped for CALLER ID, or calls that are blocked, made via an operator, or calling card will not be displayed.  Display equipment required.

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