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Call Waiting

No need to worry about missing important calls while you are on the line.  When using your phone, Call Waiting signals you with a special tone telling you another caller is trying to reach you.  Using your telephone, you can then switch between callers.

Options when you hear a CALL WAITING tone:

  1. Hang up.  This ends your first call.  The phone will ring and when you pick it up you are connected to the second call.
  2. Depress the switchhook (the button that hangs up the telephone) for 1 second and release or press the “Flash” button.  Your first call is put on “hold” and you are connected to the second caller.  You can alternate between calls each time you depress and release the receiver button for 1 second.  Each conversation is private.
  3. Ignore the CALL WAITING tone.  Keep talking to your first caller.  The second caller will not interrupt your call, but will hear normal ringing as if you are not available to answer the phone.  If you subscribe to VOICE MAIL, the second caller automatically forwards to your VOICE MAIL after 4 rings.  See VOICE MAIL for more information.
  4. If you want to make a call without being interrupted, turn off CALL WAITING temporarily.

To turn off CALL WAITING:

  1. Before you make your call, pick up the phone and press *70 (or dial 1170 on a rotary phone).  Don’t hang up.
  2. Wait for the dial tone, and make your call.  CALL WAITING is off for that call only.
  3. CALL WAITING is on again after you hang up.


  1. During an ongoing call, depress and release the receiver button or “Flash” button for 1 second.
  2. Enter *70 (or dial 1170 on rotary phone).  You’ll hear two beeps and be automatically reconnected to your call.
Call Waiting DELUXE

CALL WAITING DELUXE takes CALLER ID and CALL WAITING one step further!  Now, with CALL WAITING DELUXE, the CALL WAITING “beep” turns into a name and number.  So you choose to take the call now or return it later – without interrupting the call you’re already on.

Note:  Call Waiting with Caller ID equipment is required.  Customers must be a subscriber to CALL WAITING and CALLER ID to use this service.

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