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Phone Features

Manage your phone with easy phone features from Otelco, Inc. – Mid-Missouri.  If you have any questions about the services listed here, please call Otelco, Inc. – Mid-Missouri Division’s business office toll-free by simply dialing 611.  The switchhook, referred to in the Gold options, is the button that hangs up the telephone.   The “*” symbol denotes the “star” key on your telephone.


Call Waiting & Call Waiting ID


Repeat Dialing


Call Forwarding


Selective Call Acceptance


Three-Way Calling


Anonymous Call Rejection


Speed Calling


Call Trace


Distinctive Ringing


Voice Mail


Caller ID / Caller ID Block


Toll Restrictions


Call Return



Call Waiting

No need to worry about missing important calls while you are on the line.  When using your phone, Call Waiting signals you with a special tone telling you another caller is trying to reach you.  Using your telephone, you can then switch between callers.

Options when you hear a CALL WAITING tone:

  1. Hang up.  The ends your first call.  The phone will ring and when you pick it up you are connected to the second call.
  2. Depress the switchhook (the button that hangs up the telephone) for 1 second and release or press the “Flash” button.  Your first call is put on “hold” and you are connected to the second caller.  You can alternate between calls each time you depress and release the receiver button for 1 second.  Each conversation is private.
  3. Ignore the CALL WAITING tone.  Keep talking to your first caller.  The second caller will not interrupt your, but will hear normal ringing as if you are not available to answer the phone.  If you subscribe to VOICE MAIL, the second caller automatically forwards to your VOICE MAIL after 4 rings.  See VOICE MAIL for more information.
  4. If you want to make a call without being interrupted, turn off CALL WAITING temporarily.

To turn off CALL WAITING:

  1. Before you make your call, pick up the phone and press *70 (or dial 1170 on a rotary phone).  Don’t hang up.
  2. Wait for the dial tone, and make your call.  CALL WAITING is off for that call only.
  3. CALL WAITING is on again after you hang up.


  1. During an ongoing call, depress and release the receiver button or “Flash” button for 1 second.
  2. Enter *70 (or dial 1170 on rotary phone).  You’ll hear two beeps and be automatically reconnected to your call.
Call Waiting DELUXE

CALL WAITING DELUXE takes CALLER ID and CALL WAITING on step further!  Now, with CALL WAITING DELUXE, the CALL WAITING “beep” turns into a name and number.  So you choose to take the call now or return it later – without interrupting the call you’re already on.

Note:  Call Waiting with Caller ID equipment is required.  Customers must be a subscriber to CALL WAITING and CALLER ID to use this service.

Call Forwarding

Expecting a call?  Don’t have time to wait around?  Forward your calls to another number with CALL FORWARDING.  It’s great for the business person who wants to catch after-hours calls at home or for anyone on the go who does not want to miss an important call.


With REMOTE CALL FORWARDING, you can turn the service on or off or change the number your calls are forwarded to from any touch-tone phone.


SELECTIVE CALL FORWARDING allows you to forward only the calls you choose.  Select up to 10 directory numbers to be automatically forwarded.  All other numbers will not forward.


With CALL FORWARD-BUSY and CALL FORWARD-NO ANSWER, you can send calls to a different telephone number if your line is busy or if the call is not answered after a designated number of rings.

  1. Pick up the phone and listen for the dial tone.
  2. Enter *72 (or dial 1172 on a rotary phone). 
  3. Listen for the dial tone.  Enter the 1+ 10-digit telephone number you wish your calls to be forwarded to, followed by #.  (SPEED CALLING 8 or 30.)
  4. If the call is answered, CALL FORWARDING is in effect.  If the call is not answered hang up and within 2 minutes repeat steps 1, 2 and 3.  When CALL FORWARDING is in effect, you will hear a confirmation tone.


  1. Pick up the phone and listen for the dial tone.
  2. Enter *73.
  3. Wait for the confirmation tone.

To use REMOTE CALL FORWARDING (not available to Blountsville):

  1. Pick up the phone and listen for the dial tone.
  2. Dial the access directory number. In Arab, the number is 573-6700; in Oneonta and Walnut Grove, 625-GONE (4663).  Wait for special tone.
  3. Enter the phone number associated with your subscription followed by #.  This is the number from which you will be forwarding calls. 
  4. Enter your personal identification number (PIN) and wait for special tone.
  5. Follow the instructions.



To turn on, off, establish, add or remove numbers from your SELECTIVE CALL FOWARDING list:

  1. Pick up the phone and listen for dial tone.
  2. Enter *63 and follow instructions.


  1. Automatically sends your calls to a predetermined telephone number or voice mail when your line is busy (CALL FORWARD-BUSY) or when there is no answer (CALL FORWARD-NO ANSWER). Must be set up by the telephone company.
Three - Way Calling

Add the convenience of talking to two different people – in two different places – at one time with THREE-WAY CALLING.  Whether it’s local or long distance, THREE-WAY CALLING can bring you all together.


  1. Call the first person.  Place that person on “hold” by pressing the switchhook for one second (some phones have a “flash” button you should use instead of the switchhook).
  2. Wait for the dial tone and enter the telephone number of the person you want to add to the conversation.  When that person answers you can talk privately before adding the first person back into the conversation.
  3. Press the switchhook or “flash” button for one second to add the first person.  Now all three people will be on the line at one time.
  4. If second party's line is busy, press the receiver button for one second to disconnect the busy call. You will then be reconnected with the first call.
  5. To disconnect either call, ask one person to hang up.  You can then continue the conversation with the remaining person.
  6. When you hang up, all callers will be disconnected.
Speed Calling

SPEED CALLING lets you reach frequently called numbers quickly and accurately, just by pressing one or two digits.  And it works from every phone.  Choose a small list of eight speed calling numbers with SPEED CALLING 8 or a longer list of speed calling numbers with SPEED CALLING 30.

To set up SPEED CALLING 8 or 30:
  1. Establish a list of names and phone numbers of each person to whom you want to assign a SPEED CALLING code.  Assign a separate SPEED CALLING code for each phone number.
    • SPEED CALLING 8 (Assign Numbers 2-9)
    • SPEED CALLING 30 (Assign Numbers 20-49)
  2. Lift the receiver and listen for dial tone.  Enter *74 for SPEED CALLING 8 or *75 for SPEED CALLING 30.
  3. Wait for dial tone and enter one of the SPEED CALLING codes assigned in Step 1.
  4. Now, immediately enter the phone number for the SPEED CALLING code.
  5. Listen for the confirmation tone that confirms your entry.
  6. Repeat steps 2-6 for each number you want to program on your speed calling list.

To use SPEED CALLING 8 or 30:

Simply pick up the phone and enter the SPEED CALLING code assigned to the number you want to call.

Selective Distinctive Ringing

Know who is calling just by the sound of the ring with SELECTIVE DISTINCTIVE RINGING.  Choose up to 10 telephone numbers and know who is calling by the distinctive ringing pattern.  Customers with CALL WAITING will hear a distinctive CALL WAITING tone when a caller on the SELECTIVE DISTINCTIVE RINGING is trying to reach them.

  1. Enter *61 (dial 1161 on rotary phone)
  2. Follow the recorded instructions.

Distinctive Ringing :

This feature gives you another telephone number which, when called, will ring in a different DISTINCTIVE RING.  Works great if you have children who receive many calls.  You know before you answer the phone who the call is for!  This feature will also give you distinctive CALL WAITING tone if you also subscribe to CALL WAITING. 

Caller ID

CALLER ID identifies most callers by displaying their name and phone number on special display equipment (sold separately).  Most displays give the date and time each call was received. 


CALLER ID lists the names and numbers of callers and can even enhance your VOICE MAIL service by storing most names and numbers even if the caller didn’t leave a message.


Whether or not you subscribe to CALLER ID, you phone number will appear to the person you are calling if they subscribe to CALLER ID.  Non-published and/or unlisted name and number information will appear on CALLER ID units.  To prevent your number from being displayed, follow steps 1 and 2 before each call:

  1. Enter *67 (dial 1167 on rotary phone).
  2. Enter the phone number.  The person receiving your blocked call will see the wording “Private Name, Private Number” on their CALLER ID display.

NOTE:  CALLER ID is not available in all areas and on all calls.  Calls made from some wireless phones and areas not equipped for CALLER ID, or calls that are blocked, made via an operator, or calling card will not be displayed.  Display equipment required.

Call Return

Miss that call?  Call Return automatically connects you to the number of the last call you received – even when you don’t know your callers name and number.

To turn on CALL RETURN:
  1. Enter *69 (dial 1169 on rotary phone).
  2. The telephone number of the last call you received will be automatically called back.
  3. If the number is busy, hang up.  When the number is no longer busy, you’ll hear a special ring.  Pick up the phone and the number you are calling back will ring.  If you don’t pick up the phone, the special ring will repeat two more times.  If the busy number and your number are not both available within 30 minutes, CALL RETURN automatically turns off.
To turn off CALL RETURN:
  1. Pick up the phone and listen for dial tone.
  2. Arab and Blountsville customers should then enter *89 (dial 1189 on rotary phone), or Oneonta and Walnut Grove customers should then enter *79 (dial 1179 on rotary phone).
Repeat Dialing

Let REPEAT DIALING automatically redial busy or unanswered numbers for you.  REPEAT DIALING keeps trying the number, so you can go on about your business.  No need to sit there and push your “redial” button each time – just enter *66 once.

  1.  After making a call, or receiving a busy signal, hang up.
  2. Pick up the phone and enter *66 (dial 1166 on rotary phone).
  3. The phone number of the last call you tried to place will be called back.
  4. REPEAT DIALING will continue trying the number until the line you are dialing is available.
  5. When the busy number and your number are both available, you will hear a special ring.
    • Pick up the phone and the number you were calling back will ring.
    • If you don’t pick up the phone, the special ring will repeat two more times.
  1. Pick up the phone and listen for dial tone.
  2. Enter *86 (dial 1186 on rotary phone).
Call Acceptance

Choose up to 10 phone number that will be accepted.  All other incoming callers will hear a pre-recorded announcement that the called party is not presently accepting calls.  And you don’t hear a thing... your phone doesn’t even ring.

To turn on, establish, add, or remove number from your SELECTIVE CALL ACCEPTANCE list :
  1. (Arab) Enter *68 (dial 1168 on rotary phone); (Blountsville) Enter *64 (dial 1164 on rotary phone); (Oneonta and Walnut Grove) Enter *61 (dial 1161 on rotary phone).
  2. Follow the instructions.
  1. (Arab) Enter *68 (dial 1168 on rotary phone); (Blountsville) Enter *64 (dial 1164 on rotary phone); (Oneonta and Walnut Grove) Enter *81 (dial 1181 on rotary phone).
  2. Follow the instructions.
Anonymous Call Rejection

When someone calls you, and they choose to have their Caller Name and Number blocked (i.e., they don’t want you to know who is calling), this feature will automatically forward them to a pre-recorded message informing them you do not receive blocked calls. (Not available at Oneonta or Walnut Grove)

  1. Enter *77 (dial 1177 on rotary phone).
  1. Enter *87 (dial 1187 on rotary phone)
Call Trace

Disturbing calls can be traced with CALL TRACE.  With CALL TRACE, the phone number, time and date of the last call you received are automatically recorded on telephone company equipment.  This information is only provided to Otelco Mid-Missouri security and the appropriate law enforcement agency if you decide to file a complaint.

  1. Hang up after receiving the offensive call.
  2. Pick up the phone and enter *57 (dial 1157 on rotary phone).
  3. Follow the voice instructions.
  4. If the CALL TRACE is successful, you will hear a confirmation tone.
Voice Mail

VOICE MAIL is easy-to-use, private and reliable.  With no equipment to buy or clutter your desk, VOICE MAIL answers your call if you are not home, on the phone, or online.  When you are unable to take the call, callers are forwarded to your VOICE MAIL where they can leave a message for you.


Best of all, your VOICE MAIL message can be retrieved anytime, anywhere, from any touch tone phone.  Each message is stored and can be retrieved privately and reliably.


Please call your local office for set-up and instructions.

Toll Restriction

See unwanted long distance calls on your bill?  Do you have visitors, roommates, or children you do not want making long distance calls?  Then you need TOLL RESTRICTION.  This service allows you to restrict long distance calls from being made on your line.


Basic Restriction

  1. No long distance calls may be made
  2. Caller is able to make 911 emergency calls

Basic Restriction with PIN:

  1. All long distance calls are restricted
  2. User may enter 4-digit PIN code to bypass restriction and make long distance calls
  3. Caller is able to make 911 emergency calls


  1. After the long distance number is dialed, the user will hear three short beeps.
  2. After hearing the beeps, enter the 4-digit PIN to complete the call.
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